Watching Videos

To watch any video, go to Videos, click on any of the channels in the list and click into any video you wish.

Only need videos that are Mandatory CLE? We have you covered. Click here to see these channels.

Adding videos to your Personal Records

To add a video to your personal records, you must click the “Add To CPD” button below each video. This will keep the video listed in your Personal Records page. It will also include the accumulated length of videos watched to ensure you have met your CPD requirements.

To access your Personal Records page at anytime, click here, alternatively you click on Your CPD and then click Personal Records.

Printing Your CPD Certificate

As a BenchTV subscriber you will be able to automatically print your CPD Certificate based on the videos you have added to your list.

To print your certificate, go to Your Personal Records page and click the Download Certificate button.

For any other questions or concerns, use the contact form to get in touch.