BenchTV helps Australian legal practitioners fulfil their annual compulsory continuing professional development (CPD) obligations through qualifying CPD activities.

By reading our Benchmark newsletters and watching our BenchTV online videos, you will earn CPD points.

About BenchTV Broadcasts

Our BenchTV online broadcasts provide practitioners with rich discussions of decisions made by the superior courts of Australia, conducted with some of the most nationally eminent figures in the profession.

Additionally, other BenchTV online broadcasts comprise discussions of various topics pertinent to the profession and even to the general public, within the legal context.

Watching Videos

You can browse and watch BenchTV online. You may browse by channel, including channels specifically for Mandatory CLE only.

Adding videos to your Personal Records

With BenchTV, you can add a video to your personal records. The accumulated duration of videos you have watched will be added to your CPD points.

Printing Your CPD Certificate

As a BenchTV subscriber, you will be able to automatically print your CPD Certificate based on the videos you have added to your list.

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