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Why people love Benchmark Television

  • Very Slick, very watchable

  • Very Interesting. Your coverage of these "hard" issues is refreshing.

  • The quality is fantastic.. and some very big names on Benchmark TV

  • I found the discussion and insights to be incredibly useful. I'm profoundly grateful.

  • You really do provide amazingly good service. It's very much appreciated.


  • Congratulations for providing such excellent services to legal professional community.

  • I saw Benchmark TV pop up! Well done – it looks incredible

  • You are going way beyond the call here

  • Just … to let you know how much benefit I continue to derive from Benchmark…. It is exceptionally well done and seems to go from strength to strength.

  • Quality of production and sound engineering is excellent…. the intrinsic interest of the case and the naturalness of the participants, emphasized by the quality of the production gives the whole presentation tremendous immediacy

  • I am a huge fan of Benchmark

  • Thank you for all the work that Benchmark undertakes in the education and enlightenment of the legal profession.

    The Hon Michael Kirby AC CMG

  • BenchTV are really leaders at the moment in the CLE market, using subscription TV is terribly smart and very helpful for busy practitioners.

    Karen Weeks, Principal Solicitor, Criminal and Mental Health Lawyers, Sydney

  • The quality of production and sound engineering is excellent. Talking heads can be very boring, but the intrinsic interest of the case and the naturalness of the participants, emphasized by the quality of the production, gives the whole presentation tremendous immediacy.

    Gordon Whyte, Monash University

  • BenchTV has quality control, so every presenter that they put to air is a leader in their field, they know what they’re doing, and you can trust that your staff are going to get really good, current content.

    Heather McKinnon, Practice Group Leader, Slater and Gordon

  • I’ve found Benchmark and BenchTV excellent in my practice.

    Rohan de Meyrick, Barrister, Fourth Floor Selborne Chambers, Sydney

  • The  Quality is excellent.

    Stephen Keim SC, Barrister, Higgins Chambers

  • I subscribed to Benchmark TV with the intention of just letting the videos run in the background to allow me to accumulate make-up points for mandatory CLE. To my astonishment, when I started the first video a few days ago, I found myself compelled to keep watching. This recurred with each video I watched.

    Tony Wright, Solicitor, Luscombe Wright

  • The Benchmark team have produced an impressive product  

    Peter Neil, Barrister, Wardell Chambers

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