Di Cesare v Bishop Paul Bird and Congregation of the Christian Brothers [2021] VSC 25 with Dr Gideon Boas and Dr Eamonn Kelly
Dr Eamonn Kelly, Dr Gideon Boas
  • Duration: 1:13:59
  • Date Published: 30th Aug 2021
Waks v Cyprys & Ors [2020] VSC 44 with Samuel Burt and Thomas McCredie
Samuel Burt, Thomas McCredie
  • Duration: 56:47
  • Date Published: 24th Aug 2021
AUTHORS’ CORNER: JUSTICE ON TRIAL: Radical Solutions for a System at Breaking Point with Chris Daw QC and Alice Dyson
  • Duration: 1:02:55
  • Date Published: 11th Aug 2021
Limitations of Police Powers with Tom Molomby SC and Stewart O’Connell
  • Duration: 35:12
  • Date Published: 03rd Aug 2021
Law, Order and Punishment in Rural, Regional and Minority Communities with Dr Guy Charlton, Kyle Mulrooney and Kingi Snelgar
Dr Guy Charlton, Kingi Snelgar, Kyle Mulrooney
  • Duration: 1:05:49
  • Date Published: 12th Jul 2021
The Extension of Forensic Patient Status with Corrie Goodhand and Felicity Graham
Corrie Goodhand, Felicity Graham
  • Duration: 47:49
  • Date Published: 07th Apr 2021
The Truth Hurts, with Andrew Boe and Sarah Talbert
Andrew Boe, Sarah Talbert
  • Duration: 1:04:17
  • Date Published: 15th Dec 2020
An Indigenous journey from imprisonment to empowerment with Dr Thalia Anthony and Keenan Mundine
Dr Thalia Anthony, Keenan Mundine
  • Duration: 56:19
  • Date Published: 20th Apr 2020
Legal Ethics with Greg James QC and Hugh Selby
Hugh Selby, The Hon. Gregory James AM QC
  • Duration: 31:04
  • Date Published: 06th Mar 2020
Reducing Indigenous Prison Rates with Jonathan Rudin and Thalia Anthony
Dr Thalia Anthony, Jonathan Rudin
  • Duration: 54:50
  • Date Published: 02nd Mar 2020