The Enforceability of Heads of Agreement with John Ribbands and Ian Benson
Ian Benson, John Ribbands
  • Duration: 39:24
  • Date Published: 01 Dec 2023
The Presumption of Ademption of a Legacy for a Particular Purpose by a Gift in life for a Substantially Identical Purpose with Gordon McGrath and Ian Benson
Gordon McGrath, Ian Benson
  • Duration: 55:39
  • Date Published: 30 Nov 2023
Converting a Single Proceeding to a Class Action with Dr Michelle Sharpe and Dominica Tannock
Dominica Tannock, Dr Michelle Sharpe
  • Duration: 29.19
  • Date Published: 24 Nov 2023
The ‘Payment of Money’ in Bankruptcy Litigation with Steven Golledge SC and Ada Lim
Ada Lim, Steven Golledge SC
  • Duration: 35:01
  • Date Published: 20 Nov 2023
Motor Injury Insights with Raj Kanhai and Timina Liu
Raj Kanhai, Timina Liu
  • Duration: 29.19
  • Date Published: 09 Nov 2023
Hardship to Third Parties with Caitlin Akthar and Riyad El-Choufani
Caitlin Akthar, Riyad El-Choufani
  • Duration: 43:20
  • Date Published: 02 Nov 2023
Recent Developments in Insolvency Law with Geoffrey McDonald and Giles Woodgate
Geoffrey McDonald, Giles Woodgate
  • Duration: 37:57
  • Date Published: 27 Oct 2023
Breach of Duty of Care in Labour Hire Arrangement with Jeremy Trost and Bree Smith
Bree Smith, Jeremy Trost
  • Duration: 52:32
  • Date Published: 25 Oct 2023
Trustees and the Exercise of Discretion with Dr Kristine Hanscombe KC, Andrew Dickenson and Jennifer Maher
Andrew Dickenson, Dr Kristine Hanscombe KC, Jennifer Maher
  • Duration: 50:05
  • Date Published: 19 Oct 2023
The Exoneration Papers with Andrew Urban and Dr Robert N Moles
Andrew L Urban, Dr Robert N Moles
  • Duration: 56:13
  • Date Published: 18 Oct 2023