Working Remotely with Paul O’Halloran and Rachel Setti
Paul O’Halloran, Rachel Setti
  • Duration: 1:01:55
  • Date Published: 27th Jul 2022
The Jurisdiction of the Privacy Act with Dan Svantesson and Dr Harry Melkonian
Dan Svantesson, Dr Harry Melkonian
  • Duration: 1:02:40
  • Date Published: 25th May 2022
How to Enjoy Online Marketing Your Law Firm with James d’Apice and Brendan Kelso
Brendan Kelso, James d’Apice
  • Duration: 58:49
  • Date Published: 06th May 2022
Employer discretion in the payment of incentive payments, with Ingmar Taylor SC and Bede Webster
  • Duration: 1:33:39
  • Date Published: 23rd Feb 2022
Ensuring purpose as a practitioner in 2021 with Claire Bibby, Lara Wentworth, Katie Gray and Frieda Levychy
  • Duration: 1:04:15
  • Date Published: 14th Feb 2022
Jermiin v Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation [2021] FCA 1043 – Enterprise Agreements and Redundancy Processes with Bilal Rauf and Jamie Darams
  • Duration: 38:02
  • Date Published: 31st Jan 2022
Costs orders in Fair Work Act matters with Marc McKechnie and Stephen Mackie
  • Duration: 34:50
  • Date Published: 23rd Dec 2021
Grant of derivative leave when a company is in liquidation with Ian Upjohn QC and Brian Mason
  • Duration: 47:16
  • Date Published: 21st Dec 2021
Gendered Language in the Law with Bonnie Logan and Emma McNicol
  • Duration: 26:11
  • Date Published: 10th Nov 2021
Tips for Australian Lawyers on working with Chinese Law Firms with Professor Michael Adams and Dr Ying Chen
  • Duration: 45:27
  • Date Published: 29th Sep 2021