An in-depth discussion about Sir Garfield Barwick with Adrian Barwick and Oliver Jones
Adrian Barwick, Oliver Jones
  • Duration: 1:29:10
  • Date Published: 03 Jun 2021
Enforcing Australian Rulings in Foreign Jurisdictions with Dr Harry Melkonian and Professor Jeanne Huang
Dr Harry Melkonian, Professor Jeanne Huang
  • Duration: 46:14
  • Date Published: 23 Dec 2020
Civil Penalties imposed by the Federal Courts with Leigh Howard and Philippa Kelly
Leigh Howard, Philippa Kelly
  • Duration: 41:32
  • Date Published: 10 Nov 2020
Cultural Heritage Protection with Prof Sara Landini and Steven Griffiths
Prof Sara Landini, Steven Griffiths
  • Duration: 34:04
  • Date Published: 11 Dec 2019
The Modern Slavery Act with Matt Egerton-Warburton and Ian Benson
Ian Benson, Matt Egerton-Warburton
  • Duration: 23:35
  • Date Published: 21 Nov 2019
Blockchain and Cryptocurrency with Michael Bacina and Darren Younger
Darren Younger, Michael Bacina
  • Duration: 44:53
  • Date Published: 17 Jul 2019