Adjunct Fellow, Macquarie Law School, Sydney

Dr Melkonian is admitted to practice in England, New York, California and New South Wales. He is a scholar on the Constitution of the United States. He has conducted over 1000 jury trials in the USA and is now resident in Sydney, where he practices law specialising in media and defamation, constitutional issues and private international law.

He teaches at Macquarie University Law School and is the author of Freedom of Speech and Society: A Social Approach to Freedom of Expression and Defamation, Libel Tourism and the Speech Act of 2010: The First Amendment Colliding with the Common Law. He was the lead trial lawyer in the landmark Meinhold v US case in which the right of gays to serve in the US military was first established. He represented the Chief of Police during the aftermath of the riots in Los Angeles following the Rodney King trial.