Managing Vicarious Trauma in Lawyers with Robyn Bradey and Chris Molnar
Chris Molnar, Robyn Bradey
  • Duration: 1:04:53
  • Date Published: 14 Aug 2023
People Management and Working from Home with Trudy MacDonald and Ian Benson
Ian Benson, Trudy MacDonald
  • Duration: 1:05:56
  • Date Published: 12 Jul 2023
Lawyers on Video with Elisabeth Steele and Sue-Ella Prodonovich
Elisabeth Steele, Sue-Ella Prodonovich
  • Duration: 44:19
  • Date Published: 30 Nov 2022
Working Remotely with Paul O’Halloran and Rachel Setti
Paul O’Halloran, Rachel Setti
  • Duration: 1:01:55
  • Date Published: 27 Jul 2022
The Jurisdiction of the Privacy Act with Dan Svantesson and Dr Harry Melkonian
Dan Svantesson, Dr Harry Melkonian
  • Duration: 1:02:40
  • Date Published: 25 May 2022
How to Enjoy Online Marketing Your Law Firm with James d’Apice and Brendan Kelso
Brendan Kelso, James d’Apice
  • Duration: 58:49
  • Date Published: 06 May 2022