Artificial Intelligence and Decision-making with David W Marks QC and Jessica Palairet
David W Marks QC, Jessica Palairet
  • Duration: 50:37
  • Date Published: 09 Sep 2022
Court Hearings by Audio Visual Link with Peter Cawthorn QC and Peter Caillard
Peter Caillard, Peter Cawthorn QC
  • Duration: 47:53
  • Date Published: 30 Aug 2021
Legal Technology with Zile Yu and Steven Griffiths
Steven Griffiths, Zile Yu
  • Duration: 43:29
  • Date Published: 29 Aug 2019
Artificial Intelligence and the law with Simon Goodrich and Simon Rice
Simon Goodrich, Simon Rice
  • Duration: 47:43
  • Date Published: 12 Aug 2019