The Racial Justice Centre and Dealing with Racial Injustice in the Legal System with Des Kennedy SC and Sarah Ibrahim
Des Kennedy SC, Sarah Ibrahim
  • Duration: 1:05:14
  • Date Published: 08 Mar 2023
Authors’ Corner – Mary Crock and Sarah Dale discuss Children and Young People in Asylum and Refugee Processes
Mary Crock, Sarah Dale
  • Duration: 45:55
  • Date Published: 30 Mar 2021
Civil Penalties imposed by the Federal Courts with Leigh Howard and Philippa Kelly
Leigh Howard, Philippa Kelly
  • Duration: 41:32
  • Date Published: 10 Nov 2020
Reducing Indigenous Prison Rates with Jonathan Rudin and Thalia Anthony
Dr Thalia Anthony, Jonathan Rudin
  • Duration: 54:50
  • Date Published: 02 Mar 2020
Summary of Media, Technology and IP Law 2019 with Eli Fisher and Julia Park
Eli Fisher, Julia Park
  • Duration: 32:54
  • Date Published: 20 Dec 2019
The Modern Slavery Act with Matt Egerton-Warburton and Ian Benson
Ian Benson, Matt Egerton-Warburton
  • Duration: 23:35
  • Date Published: 21 Nov 2019