Trustees and the Exercise of Discretion with Dr Kristine Hanscombe KC, Andrew Dickenson and Jennifer Maher
Andrew Dickenson, Dr Kristine Hanscombe KC, Jennifer Maher
  • Duration: 50:05
  • Date Published: 19 Oct 2023
Third Parties and Property Settlement Procedures in the Family Court with The Hon Ian Coleman SC and Ian Benson
Ian Benson, The Hon. Ian Coleman SC
  • Duration: 47:17
  • Date Published: 21 Aug 2023
Same-sex Parents Who Separate: Who Gets the Children? with Sophie Goossens and Reece Ramsden
Reece Ramsden, Sophie Goossens
  • Duration: 28:54
  • Date Published: 23 Sep 2021
Self-represented litigants and family violence with Dr Jane Wangmann and Jackie Jones
Dr Jane Wangmann, Jackie Jones
  • Duration: 51:49
  • Date Published: 03 Aug 2021
Abdelrahim; Secretary, Department of Social Services and (Social services second review) [2020] AATA 5140 with Ahmed Rizk and Angelina Torrisi
Ahmed Rizk, Angelina Torrisi
  • Duration: 26:40
  • Date Published: 25 May 2021
Burial of Bodies, with Patricia Muscat and Justin Brown
Justin Brown, Patricia Muscat
  • Duration: 22:20
  • Date Published: 30 Nov 2020