Grant of derivative leave when a company is in liquidation with Ian Upjohn QC and Brian Mason
Brian Mason, Ian Upjohn QC
  • Duration: 47:16
  • Date Published: 21 Dec 2021
Managing Contractual Relationships in a post COVID-19 world with Ana-Maria Cindric and Rebecca Hegarty
Ana-Maria Cindric, Rebecca Hegarty
  • Duration: 44:28
  • Date Published: 06 Apr 2021
Business Valuations with Paul Nielsen and Joe Kafrouni.
Joe Kafrouni, Paul Nielsen
  • Duration: 1:02:31
  • Date Published: 17 Dec 2020
Negotiating Leases in the Time of COVID-19 with Andrew Grima and Dean Claughton
Andrew Grima, Dean Claughton
  • Duration: 54:03
  • Date Published: 23 Oct 2020
Recent Employment Cases with Tass Angelopoulos and Troy Plummer
Tass Angelopoulos, Troy Plummer
  • Duration: 1:08:01
  • Date Published: 20 Aug 2020
Freezing Orders with Geoffrey McDonald and John Turnbull SC
Geoffrey McDonald, John Turnbull SC
  • Duration: 1:00:09
  • Date Published: 22 May 2020