Protection Visas: Meticulous Investigation Required of ‘Serious Reasons’ to Confirm War Crimes with Eraine Grotte and Michaela Byers
Eraine Grotte, Michaela Byers
  • Duration: 40:55
  • Date Published: 01 Mar 2023
Authors’ Corner: Compensation for Native Title with Dr William Isdale and Stephen Wright SC
Dr William Isdale, Stephen Wright SC
  • Duration: 1:16:53
  • Date Published: 20 Jan 2023
The Stripping of Australian Citizenship with Stephen Lawrence and Osman Samin
Osman Samin, Stephen Lawrence
  • Duration: 31:05
  • Date Published: 19 Dec 2022
Artificial Intelligence and Decision-making with David W Marks QC and Jessica Palairet
David W Marks QC, Jessica Palairet
  • Duration: 50:37
  • Date Published: 09 Sep 2022
Access Permits and the Telco Act with David Keane and Benjamin O’Sullivan
Benjamin O’Sullivan, David Keane
  • Duration: 30:39
  • Date Published: 04 May 2022
Hastwell v Legal Services Commissioner [2021] NSWCA 20 – Administrative Law with Graham Barter and Radhika Withana
Graham Barter, Radhika Withana
  • Duration: 40:01
  • Date Published: 31 Aug 2021