Bringing a Human Rights Violation Complaint to the United Nations with Dr Harry Melkonian and Richard Mitry
Dr Harry Melkonian, Richard Mitry
  • Duration: 53:24
  • Date Published: 22 Feb 2024
Evidence of Conversations in Civil Proceedings with Shuonan Zhao and Roger Marshall SC
Roger Marshall SC, Shuonan Zhao
  • Duration: 39:46
  • Date Published: 16 Feb 2024
Joint Venture Appeal Dismissed with Eli Ball and Victoria Caldwell
Eli Ball, Victoria Caldwell
  • Duration: 1:20:54
  • Date Published: 15 Feb 2024
The application of section 588L of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) with Emily Barrett and Joseph Scarcella
Emily Barrett, Joseph Scarcella
  • Duration: 23:37
  • Date Published: 13 Feb 2024
The Presumption of Ademption of a Legacy for a Particular Purpose by a Gift in life for a Substantially Identical Purpose with Gordon McGrath and Ian Benson
Gordon McGrath, Ian Benson
  • Duration: 55:39
  • Date Published: 30 Nov 2023
Converting a Single Proceeding to a Class Action with Dr Michelle Sharpe and Dominica Tannock
Dominica Tannock, Dr Michelle Sharpe
  • Duration: 29.19
  • Date Published: 24 Nov 2023