Blanket Bans in Strata Schemes with Robert Newlinds SC, Sharon Levy and Robert Pietriche
Robert Newlinds SC, Robert Pietriche, Sharon Levy
  • Duration: 41:51
  • Date Published: 30 Jul 2021
Negotiating Leases in the Time of COVID-19 with Andrew Grima and Dean Claughton
Andrew Grima, Dean Claughton
  • Duration: 54:03
  • Date Published: 23 Oct 2020
Strata Law: Major Defects and Work Orders with Carlos Mobellan and Paul Jurdeczka
Carlos Mobellan, Paul Jurdeczka
  • Duration: 48:46
  • Date Published: 05 Sep 2019
ACT Strata Law with Christopher Kerin and Nicholas James
Christopher Kerin, Nicholas James
  • Duration: 29:32
  • Date Published: 02 Aug 2019
Strata and Community Titles with Darren Jenkins and Allison Benson
Allison Benson, Darren Jenkins
  • Duration: 57:07
  • Date Published: 13 Jul 2019
Levies for Strata Scheme Insurance Premiums with Sydney Jacobs and Julia Park
Julia Park, Sydney Jacobs
  • Duration: 46:58
  • Date Published: 04 Jul 2019