Protection Visas: Meticulous Investigation Required of ‘Serious Reasons’ to Confirm War Crimes with Eraine Grotte and Michaela Byers
Eraine Grotte, Michaela Byers
  • Duration: 40:55
  • Date Published: 01 Mar 2023
Authors’ Corner – Mary Crock and Sarah Dale discuss Children and Young People in Asylum and Refugee Processes
Mary Crock, Sarah Dale
  • Duration: 45:55
  • Date Published: 30 Mar 2021
Civil Penalties imposed by the Federal Courts with Leigh Howard and Philippa Kelly
Leigh Howard, Philippa Kelly
  • Duration: 41:32
  • Date Published: 10 Nov 2020
Doing Business in Australia with Lisa Qiu and Shawn Skyring
Lisa Qiu, Shawn Skyring
  • Duration: 55:58
  • Date Published: 20 Mar 2020
The Foreigner is a Mutable Figure: the Changing Interpretation of Australia’s Migration Law with Eve Lester and Nick Poynder
Dr Eve Lester, Nick Poynder
  • Duration: 1::14:41
  • Date Published: 04 Nov 2019
Judicial Review of Migration Decisions
Amina Youssef, Oliver Jones
  • Duration: 49:11
  • Date Published: 01 Aug 2018