Contemporary Professional Legal Ethics with Steven Mark AM and Professor Michael Adams
Professor Michael Adams, Steven Mark AM
  • Duration: 1:06:25
  • Date Published: 19 Jul 2023
The Racial Justice Centre and Dealing with Racial Injustice in the Legal System with Des Kennedy SC and Sarah Ibrahim
Des Kennedy SC, Sarah Ibrahim
  • Duration: 1:05:14
  • Date Published: 08 Mar 2023
Ethics for the Legal Profession with Tim McKenzie and Rob Taylor
Robert Taylor, Tim McKenzie
  • Duration: 1:08:10
  • Date Published: 23 Jul 2022
Managing Conflicts of Interest and Continuous Costs Disclosure with James Horsburgh and Kim Bailey
James Horsburgh, Kim Bailey
  • Duration: 44:04
  • Date Published: 24 May 2022
Ensuring purpose as a practitioner with Claire Bibby, Lara Wentworth, Katie Gray and Frieda Levycky
Claire Bibby, Frieda Levycky, Katie Gray, Lara Wentworth
  • Duration: 1:04:15
  • Date Published: 14 Feb 2022
Cross Cultural Perspectives in International Commercial Arbitration with Katie Sutton and Swee Im Tan
Katie Sutton, Swee Im Tan
  • Duration: 36:42
  • Date Published: 08 Feb 2022