The Racial Justice Centre and Dealing with Racial Injustice in the Legal System with Des Kennedy SC and Sarah Ibrahim
Des Kennedy SC, Sarah Ibrahim
  • Duration: 1:05:14
  • Date Published: 08 Mar 2023
Statutory Compensation Claims for Federal Workers with Leo Grey and John Mrsic
John Mrsic, Leo Grey
  • Duration: 1:11:56
  • Date Published: 20 Oct 2022
Employee Contract Disputes – Two Cases Reshape Law with Marc Felman SC and Dimitri Ternovski
Dimitri Ternovski, Marc Felman SC
  • Duration: 1:01:07
  • Date Published: 12 Aug 2022
Employer discretion in the payment of incentive payments, with Ingmar Taylor SC and Bede Webster
Bede Webster, Ingmar Taylor SC
  • Duration: 1:33:39
  • Date Published: 23 Feb 2022
Jermiin v Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation [2021] FCA 1043 – Enterprise Agreements and Redundancy Processes with Bilal Rauf and Jamie Darams
Bilal Rauf, Jamie Darams
  • Duration: 38:02
  • Date Published: 31 Jan 2022
Costs orders in Fair Work Act matters with Marc McKechnie and Stephen Mackie
Marc McKechnie, Stephen Mackie
  • Duration: 34:50
  • Date Published: 23 Dec 2021