BenchTV and CPD


BenchTV programs were originally developed for the purpose of assisting Australian legal practitioners fulfil their annual compulsory continuing professional development (referred to as ‘CPD’) obligations. Put simply, we offer CPD for lawyers. Generally, each broadcast involves thorough, rich discussions of decisions made by the superior courts of Australia, conducted with some of the most nationally eminent figures in the profession. Additionally, other BenchTV broadcasts comprise discussions of various topics pertinent to the profession and even to the general public, within the legal context.

The question of whether watching BenchTV programs qualifies as a ‘CPD activity’ is a matter determined by each jurisdiction due to the various regulations surrounding CPD requirements. In general, qualifying CPD activities must exhibit ‘CPD content’ which is characterised by the following:

a)   Significant intellectual or practical content that primarily deals with matters related to the practitioner’s legal practice.
b)   Conducted by persons that are qualified by practical or academic experience in the topic covered.
c)   Relevant to the practitioner’s immediate or long term needs or professional development and the practice of law.

BenchTV consistently delivers such content.

Below are two documents in relation to CPD and BenchTV

1.   CPD and BenchTV – Click here to view
2.   Continuing Professional Development: Legal Practitioners in Australia  – Click here to view

BenchTV is accredited by ANZIIF for 7 CIP points per calendar year for online learning for insurance professionals.

CIP points eligibility:

  • 0.5 of a point for reading the newsletter
  • 1 point per hour when viewing BenchTV productions