The Enforceability of Heads of Agreement with John Ribbands and Ian Benson
Ian Benson, John Ribbands
  • Duration: 39:24
  • Date Published: 01 Dec 2023
Split Deposits in Conveyancing Matters with Gabrielle Colquhoun and David Currie
David Currie, Gabrielle Colquhoun
  • Duration: 19:34
  • Date Published: 16 Sep 2022
When a building scheme impacts the land purchaser, with Gregory Sirtes SC and Matthew Townsend
Gregory Sirtes SC, Matthew Townsend
  • Duration: 37:42
  • Date Published: 18 Feb 2022
A discussion about the case of Bondi Road Development Pty Ltd v Selected Properties Pty Ltd [2020] NSWSC 845 with Julian O’Sullivan and Nicholas Simone
Julian O’Sullivan, Nicholas Simone
  • Duration: 25:58
  • Date Published: 13 Aug 2021
Absence of written agreement dooms estate agent’s case, with Anthony Cheshire SC and Julian Zmood
Anthony Cheshire SC, Julian Zmood
  • Duration: 34:53
  • Date Published: 12 Aug 2021
The 4 Key Pillars to Conveyancing Practice with Garth Brown and Jennifer Treur – Part 2
Garth Brown, Jennifer Treur
  • Duration: 25:27
  • Date Published: 09 Dec 2019