How Human Law Extends to Animals with Prof Jeremy Gans and Prof Katy Barnett
Prof Jeremy Gans, Prof Katy Barnett
  • Duration: 53:34
  • Date Published: 13 Jul 2022
In Pursuit of Legal Personhood for Animals with Naaman Kranz and Mike Rosalky
Mike Rosalky, Naaman Kranz
  • Duration: 33:42
  • Date Published: 08 Feb 2022
Animal Law with Rishika Pai and Tess Vickery
Rishika Pai, Tess Vickery
  • Duration: 30:47
  • Date Published: 16 Dec 2020
Principles of Animal Welfare Law with Jed Goodfellow and Giulia Prosperi-Porta
Giulia Prosperi-Porta, Jed Goodfellow
  • Duration: 32:10
  • Date Published: 02 Sep 2020
Animal Law and Strategic Litigation with Amanda Richman and Giulia Prosperi-Porta
Amanda Richman, Giulia Prosperi-Porta
  • Duration: 30:01
  • Date Published: 11 Feb 2020